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January 2007 - Finally some snow!!



December 30, 2006 - Disney has weaves!!  Mouse over to play again.


Disney - May All Your Dreams Come True

A new boy arrived on May 13, 2006.  His name was Toby and he came from Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue.  We renamed him "Disney" to give him a new start in his new life here - I filled out the application on a recent vacation to Walt Disney World so it seemed fitting in so many ways!

Here are some shots of his first day here...

Playing with Petie

A goofy ear shot!  Golden or Kelpie???

This table is just my size!

Yes - I am VERY handsome!

Training this a.m. 5/15/2006:)

Hard to take your own photos while training - I am so proud of this boy though!  It takes him a few minutes to realize that we are in "work" mode, but as soon as he begins to focus, he is "all there" and more than willing to do anything to please me (actually, it's probably the liver but that's o.k. too:)  He seems very happy!

Saturday, 5/27/2006

Our 2 week anniversary and things could not have been worse!  Poor Disney threw up on Friday and did not want to eat dinner Friday night.  So we figured he may have eaten grass, had a tummy ache, so we figured he'd be fine in the a.m.  Well, 4 a.m. (we were heading out to an agility trial with the gang) and Disney was just not himself.  So we drove on up to the Westminster, VT trial site and when 8:00 a.m. rolled around got him into the local vet.  She suspected a blockage and took blood work and did x-rays.  His blood counts were off, indicating infection and he had a temp of 103.6.  The x-ray was suspicious so she called the emergency clinic in Springfield, MA.  They did not have a surgeon on duty for Memorial Day Weekend.  She called the other emergency clinic in or near Springfield and while I was heading out the vet called to me and said they were on the phone, their x-ray machine wasn't working so they couldn't do the surgery!  So we ended up at Tufts in North Grafton, MA.  They were able to incise his tummy and then manipulate the object out through his rectum.  It was a piece of white rubbery toy - when I got home I found the culprit - the rubber chicken toy!!  Thankfully they did not have to cut into his intestines and he seems to have made a complete recovery.  Staples come out tomorrow.  It was not fun seeing my poor boy in such distress and thankfully we got him to help in time!

After a week of leash walking, Disney was ready to go again - we kept it very brief!!

"Saving" the jollyball for Tristan

Wait a minute - the box below will enlarge and play a video of Disney in a recent training session!














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