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Drake and me at the October 2007 DOCNA Championships!  Drake earned a bronze medal in the Eastern North American Challenge and ran a consistent second in the 16" Veteran's classes, earning one blue in Gamblers - and he actually looks pleased with himself in this picture!


This is Drake - aka Drakie Doodle, Doodlebug, DooDoo, and just plain Dude.  He was the second dog we adopted from NEBCR back in 2001.  We applied after starting agility with our golden Tucker and realized we loved it but he didn't.  Our search narrowed down to Fenn and Drake and Craig fell in love with Fenn when he met her (actually we both did but I had a "thing" for Drake already!)  We adopted her, traveled on over to meet Drake and he came home that same day too!

Drake's "puppyhood" was very disjointed.  He was born in MO, trucked north to a pet store, sold to someone at 4 months of age.  He then ended up in a shelter, another home, back to the shelter, to an assistance dog program where he failed, home to another person, and NEBCR found him in a want-ad when someone tried to sell him (still intact) for $100.  One of his lives was spent tied day and night and he has throat damage - we use a gentle leader most of the time so he doesn't break out in coughing fits.  He was 13 months old when we adopted him.

Drake is my agility partner.  He is very fast and getting much better on his contacts.  However, he has days when he just sort of "shuts down," acts afraid of the world, and will just slink away at the start line.  It's very sad and on those days, we just say "oh well, there's always another time."  .  We do mainly CPE agility but have a NADAC jumpers' title and some qualifying legs in USDAA and AKC as well.  He is a smoothie and we recently found one of his littermates who is also doing very well in agility!

Drakes littermate Clint (left) also competes in agility.  We always thought they looked similarly built and when we started talking about age and birthdays we made the littermate discovery!  Such a small BC world!

Herding Arrow - his main passion!

Drake seems to like sheep now!  September 2007



But not this day!



Here's a video of Drake at a DOCNA Agility trial in January 2007.  I think we were first with a Q on this run!  He's now up in the highest level of DOCNA.


C-ATCH Drake - 2/25/07!




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