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Westwood Fenn

Fenn is our first NEBCR adoptee.  Her birthday is 12/16/1997 and she is an "on the small side" smooth coat purebred border collie.  She already had her FDCh when we got her.  We looked into joining an area team when we first got her but they didn't need any more recruits.  We did agility with Fenn up until a knee injury and subsequent surgery and then arthritis set in. She still goes out and plays for fun, but only does the things that she finds comfortable.  Her most favorite thing in the world, however, is BALL!!  She is quite obsessed, if Craig falls asleep on the sofa, he will wake up to a line of tennis balls neatly placed in the crook of his arm:)  She is a delightful girl - she frequently goes to agility demos and border collie rescue booths with us.  She loves people of all shapes and sizes but absolutely does not want strange dogs to come on up and get into her face.  Please read Suzanne Clothier's great description of this here.

Fenn won a local "People and their Amazing Pets" contest in 2002.

Fenn and Drake at the Capital District Scottish Games

Fenn on ground rolling over with laughter from Drake:)


in her first home with Carole & Pres Presberg


Above, left, Westwood Fenn as a young puppy. Above, right, Fenn at about a year and a half.

Left, Fenn at 20 1/2 months.


Fenn earned her Flyball Dog Champion award the weekend of 6/7 November 1999 at the Fast Attack/A.R.F.F. New England "Flyball Firsts" Tournament. She was just one year and eleven months old.


Fenn was so good in flyball, and because time and commitments did not allow us to continue in flyball with her, we decided to find her a new home. In September 2001 we found Fenn a great new home with Kathy and Craig Chittenden of Stephentown, New York. She is not only going to continue her flyball activities, but both Kathy and Craig are doing agility with her, and in just 3 weeks she is already doing it off-lead. We're so very proud of her.

Above, Fenn sharing "down time" with her new dad, Craig Chittenden.
Right, Fenn (far left) with her new "family", l. to r., Hootie, Emily,
Drake, and Tucker (front).




Sugar Bush Farm
760 East Road
Stephentown NY  12168

(518) 733-5010